Rana Daggubati into Many Things in HyderabadAfter being absent in the city’s scenario for a few months, actor Rana is back in Hyderabad after he stayed for a few weeks in Mumbai, being back from his extended trip in the US. He seems to be making up his time for his recent absence.

The actor’s upcoming projects ‘Virata Parvam’ and ‘Hiranya Kasipa’ are still on, and he is soon going to start shooting for the former from December onwards. Coming to the latter, Rana is busy with the pre-production works of the mythological drama that he wants to make in three different languages.

He also wants to make the mythological drama appealing to the current generation of youth and hence, making the scriptwriters make changes accordingly, i.e., make the dialogues understandable. Maybe, there wouldn’t be Sanskrit poems like they used to be in mythological films.

Besides all of his plans for his upcoming movies, Rana was also present at Galla Ashok’s launch event while the pre-production work for his mythological drama has been full-on. He has also dubbed for his Bollywood movie ‘Haathi Mera Saathi’ in three different languages.

He is quite busy as a bee with production, his Bollywood venture and also his films in Telugu as an actor.