Rana  Daggubati Gets Very Angry If They Do ThatCurrent crop of heroes and more often than not, majority of them come from convent backgrounds, have good command over English. Some of them have also had their education abroad thus it is quite natural to have affinity and ease at speaking English, but hero Rana Daggubati differs.

Rana Daggubati in fact stresses the filmmakers to give him his dialogues and script in Telugu and he gets very angry when someone doesn’t do that. Bhallaladeva is currently working with Venu Udugula for Virata Parvam. The filmmaker has revealed this quality of Rana and his affinity and liking for his mother tongue in an interview.

“Rana gets involved in the scripting process. But once he is on the sets, he is the director’s actor and doesn’t interfere in the script. He listens to what his director says. In whatever style or format we ask him to say, he switches comfortably without throwing any starry airs,” says Venu Udugula.

“In the beginning we gave dialogues to Rana in Telugu (Telugu words written in English) like any other actors. But the moment he saw, he stressed to give his dialogues in Telugu where he said that he knows the language very well and insisted only to give him in Telugu,” says Venu Udugula adding that this feature is very rare among this generation of actors.