Ramya Krishna as Jayalalithaa Biopic Poster Goes Viral She is undebatably the most powerful ladies of this era and making a film on Jayalalithaa’s life is going to be one of the most challenging tasks for any filmmaker. Here is the first look poster of Ramya Krishna as Jayalalithaa in ‘mother’.

Now, don’t be confused by this poster as this one is made by one enthusiastic fan who wants such a film to be made with Ramya Krishna playing the title role. This pic is in circulation across social media and has gone viral. It has indeed become an inspiration for Ramya Krishna.

The senior actress also received this pic on her Whatsapp which gave her a goal that she had never set for herself earlier. She indeed wants to reprise the role of Jayalalitha if some sensible filmmaker comes to her with an engaging script.

Whoever made the poster did really use common sense as there seems to be some resemblances between Jayalalitha and Ramya Krishna with regard to their appearances and voice.

Ramya Krishna as Jayalalithaa Biopic Poster Goes Viral Web