#RamVsYash: Paid Trend To Target NTR?Social media is on a fire for the last few weeks. RRR storm has hit the last week and KGF 2 has taken over from the last few days.

Both the movies have performed exceptionally well in all the markets including the North making the Southern industries proud.

But the movies have also given rise to unhealthy comparisons – NTR & Ram Charan and SSR & Prashant Neel. This morning, the hashtag #RamVsYash is trending on Twitter all of sudden.

There are people who are discussing who is a better Pan-India star between those two.

Some Whatsapp screenshots have also leaked in which it is clearly seen someone has pushed this hashtag into the trends list using Paid tweets campaign.

KGF 2 makers are not overplaying the collections and they can not be behind this paid trend.

NTR fans suspect that this is a veiled attempt to indirectly showcase Ram Charan as a bigger Pan-India star than NTR.

“If only Ram Charan and Yash are being compared, it is an indirect hint that NTR is not in the race,” they suspect.

Those behind this are doing a great disservice to cinema and the hard work of the two stars. They have toiled hard for around four years to make an epic like RRR.

It is an injustice to undermine any of them. As of now, both NTR and Ram Charan stand at the same place in the Pan-India race and their next films will decide what is in store for them.

As in the case of Yash, it will be interesting to see how audiences outside Karnataka receive him for his non-KGF films. He will definitely have the KGF advantage.