Ramu invites trouble with sharp comments

Generally, film stars and directors indulge in proxy war rather than attacking one another directly. But Ram Gopal Varma’s style is different. And it is known to Telgu audience from Shiva. People in the Hindi belt tasted his rare style from Rangeela. Ramu makes direct and straight comments, without an iota of diplomacy in his words. It is a known fact that there is a rivalry between Ram and Karan Johar. He took a dig at Karan’students on the eve of Teachers’ Day.

“If someone takes off from Karan Johar’s student of the year and makes Teacher of the year It will become the Disaster of the year,” said Ramu inviting sharp reaction from Karan who did not take the words lightly. Reacting on Ramu’s comment, Karan strongly replied. “Disaster of the year is your territory Ramu…no one can ever replace the comfortable place you have made for yourself there,” He said.