Ram Pothineni’s “RED” is coming for this Sankranthi as one of the festival releases and it’s evident that the team has been promoting the movie to take it into common audiences. The film’s team has chosen different ways to promote their flick.

Ram is [promoting his movie differently. Strangely, he chose to promote using photoshoots. Since December, photo-shoots were planned very frequently. Ram did three photoshoots recently and one photoshoot earlier.

His director, Kishore Tirumala is promoting the movie on YouTube channels giving back-to-back interviews. Coming to Sankranthi releases, ‘Krack’ is a declared hit already and the hit is owned both by mass audiences and critics.

Ram’s ‘RED’ also has a great chance to become a hit as it’s already a proven one in Tamil. It worked in Tamil and if the changes the made for the Telugu remake cater to the tastes of the Telugu audiences, it will work here, as well.

Maybe, Ram is a bit relaxed and chose Bollywood style of publicity with frequent photo shoots and on the other side, his director targeting the YouTube channel promotions.