Rambha About Jr NTR Allu Arjun Dance Senior actress Rambha did a dance number each with Allu Arjun and Jr. NTR. What is her opinion on these star heroes? Both are good dancers in their own capacity and style. According to Rambha, Allu Arjun is childish and does a lot of naughty things and a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

“But, NTR isn’t like that. He has that maturity and suits any kind of character. He can be a tomboy, a normal college student and also a mythological character like Yama. He is a versatile actor and hard-working to the core,” complimented Rambha. Well, that’s quite a praise from the senior actor.

Rambha remembers one episode when she was shooting for ‘Yama Donga’. While she was shooting for ‘Naacho Re’ song, she observed that one of NTR’s leg was bleeding. But, he didn’t mind that and went on dancing. Naturally, the actress is floored by NTR’s attitude.