ramayya-vastavayya-ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Ramayya Pass, Cinema Fail

166 MINUTES – ‘A’ Certified

So_So Rating

What is “Ramayya Vastavayya” about?
Ramayya Vasthavayya is the story of a happy go lucky college lad, Nandu (NTR). He approaches Akarsha (Samantha) as Ramu and her in to love story. When every thing looked set, it is revealed that Nandu/Ramu gets closer to Samantha with a motive which further leads the story to Akarsha’s home town. In comes a girl called Ammulu (Shruti Hassan) who is pivotal for the story. Who is Ammulu? What are the dots connecting Ram, Akarsha and Ammulu. Rest of the story is all about how Nandu ends up as Akarsha’s Ramayyya.

How is NTR Jr?
This is the best makeover by any hero in recent times. Every thing about NTR changed in terms of his personality and styling. For the first time in his career, he looked younger than his age. The tonned down personality resulted in excellent chemistry with the heroines. And on the other side, the trade mark dialogue delivery is always there. The actor had shown his prowess once again in dances too. Especially the dance in Pandaga Chesko song is a collector’s edition for all the fans.

How is Harish Shankar’s direction?
Harish Shankar failed to handle the second half well. The story of the movie is quite routine and it gets highly predictable once the flash back is done. The movie is stretched after that which tests the patience of the audience. There are quite a bit of good moments in parts but he could not serve them all well combined. Also the climax sequence could have been handled well. Surprisingly, comedy which is a strong forte of Harish Shankar is not sufficient in the first half and is totally absent in the second half. With the bestest efforts of NTR, Harish and his direction department takes the blame for RV failure.

On the better side of it, Harish Shankar is one director who goes in to the skin of the hero. He does not press his style on the actor but mould his style according to the actor’s image and his fans’ aspirations. The styling of the actor, his slimmed down look, improved dances are pending on fans’ wishlist for a long time and he quenched their thirst fully. The actor’s entrance in Duryodhana’s get up, intense fights in the second half and few radical dialogues will enthrall masses.

What about Samantha, Shruti Hassan and others ?
Samantha appears predominantly in the first half. NTR and Sam share excellent on screen chemistry especially the Jabilli Nuvve Cheppamma song is an epic. Shruti Hassan played a little role in the flash back sequences. The scenes between Shruti and NTR in village backdrop did not work out well. She looked very artificial wearing modern dresses educating villagers role. Damarukam fame Ravi Shankar excelled as baddie. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ajay and Mukesh Rishi are good as usual. Rao Ramesh as CBI officer is good. Rest of the actors who played little roles are okay.

ramayya vastavayya Music Review
How is Music, Songs and Dances & other departments?
All the songs composed by Thaman are too good and Harish Shankar picturized them excellently. The song videos are ought to be preserved in your library collection. NTR has improved in dance department. Along with the usual floor movements he do, he brought in new dimension in his dances. Chota K. Naidu’s Cinematography is crystal clear. Editing could have been better. Dil Raju’s production values are stunning as usual.

1. NTR’s entrance as Duryodhana and Shami Kapoor’s imitation.
2. Heroines and their chemistry with NTR.
3. NTR’s styling and makeover

1. Low Entertainment quotient
2. Second half
3. Dragged Flashback
4. Routine Climax

What about its box office prospects?
Ramayya Vasthavayya is a dream come true for every fan of NTR. They will see their actor in a way how they always wanted to see him. But the movie as whole is not up to the standards set by Harish Shankar. The movie may have to contend only with the intial huge openings. One more director lets NTR down!

Did I enjoy it?
Not so much.

Reviewed by Siddhartha