Divya_cute Ramayya-Vasthavayya-First-L

While NTR fans are still in the euphoria created by the first look stills, the first look teaser of Ramayya Vasthavayya hit them like a thunder. The teaser was colourful and NTR is just in awesome shape. Fans and common audience are unanimously crediting it as the career best look of NTR. There is a dialogue in the 30 seconds teaser, “Evadu badithe vaadu Buddodu Buddodu ante guddaloodadeesi kodatha, Ala pilavali ante oka arhatha undali ledha na abhimani ayyundali”. As expected this dialogue is intended to pamper fans and may not go well with general audience. It is understandable since first looks are meant exclusively for fans.

Interestingly, Brindavanam was one of the career best albums for Thaman and going by the BGM in the teaser, looks like one of similar kind is on the way. The caption ‘Young Tiger Never Before’ keeps fans on the edge of their seats till the movie release.