Ramayya fails –questions arise –blame game begins

Finally the release of Ramayya Vastavayya starring Jr NTR is done and trade is looking at every aspect of it. First thing that everyone is keenly looking at is the first day record and whether the film has managed to beat the previous record or not, as many have expected and predicted it to because of the big release.

Well first things first Ramayya Vastavayya has failed to create new day 1 record. Not only that, it has failed to beat the actor’s previous best Baadshah too. This also means that it is very far off from the current day 1 record. Already reasons are being looked into for this unexpected result as many though day 1 record was guaranteed because of the sensational combination the film had.

All of this, now ties up to the number 1 race argument that we had reported earlier, where Jr NTR would slide further after this performance. The blame for all this is put on the director Harish Shankar though. Do you think it’s justified or is the hero also to be blamed here for accepting such a script?