Rama Rajamouli Was Disappointed with Baahubali When she first heard the story from Rajamouli, she knew that it had a lot of emotions. But, when she saw the first part of ‘Baahubali’, she was hugely disappointed as the entire movie was only the introduction of characters sans the emotions that had been the strong point of the story she had heard.

Later, when it was divided into two parts, she understood that the second part will take care of the emotions. We know, the Telugu version of ‘Baahubali, The Beginning’ opened to negative talk but later picked up very quickly. It scored big success and it’s the reason why we are eagerly looking forward to the second part.

Here the person in the discussion is Rama Rajamouli who thinks that part one is not up to the standards of Rajamouli. She was worried and expressed the same with the director. However, Rajamouli didn’t want to get tensed just before the release of the movie. Hence, he kept her reservations aside. But, she is sure that the emotional quotient of the story will come in the second part.