Ram Pothineni's Pan-Indian Commercial Hitting BigOur Telugu stars are going pan-Indian one by one and we are getting to see them doing even pan-Indian commercials like Ram Pothineni’s commercial for colouring brand Garnier.

It’s his first pan-Indian commercial with Bollywood star John Abraham. It comes as a pleasant surprise to watch Ram mouthing Hindi dialogues so naturally. We already know that Ram has a decent following for his Hindi dubbed movies on YouTube channels.

So, he is a known actor for North Indian audiences through his Hindi dubbed movies. This commercial is going to add value further and maybe, there might be something more to this in the near future.

This television commercial is shot in 5 languages and so, we are going to watch the same in Telugu version, as well. Watch this commercial and tell us how you feel about Ram and his pan-Indian presence with a Bollywood star.