Ram’s Director Sentenced To 6 Months In JailIn an interesting turn of events, veteran filmmaker Lingusamy has been sentenced to six months in jail over a cheque bounce case by Saidabad Court, Chennai.

Going into the story, PVP Capital had reportedly lent some money to Lingusamy. But the director failed to repay the loan amount and the cheque he signed for the company had bounced.

The cheque bounce case was taken to court and a hearing was held today. The judge has ordered 6 months imprisonment for Lingusamy and his brother Subhash Chandra in regard to this case.

Lingusamy has decided to appeal the Saidabad Court judgement in the Madras High Court and due course of action will determine the nature of legal consequences the director has to face.

Lingusamy recently directed Ram Pothineni’s The Warriorr. The film turned out to be a disaster at the box office, further depleting the already low market the senior director has been commanding. Tamil media is reporting that Lingusamy is in a financial mess now.