Ram-Pothineni-Smoking-It is not uncommon for actors, who haven’t smoked in their lives having to smoke in their films. Ram Pothineni opened up about one such instance experience.

“I was 18 while shooting for Jagadam. I had to smoke cigarettes heavily while shooting for the film. I hadn’t smoked in my life till then. When I used to hold a cigarette in my hand, Sukumar wasn’t too pleased with it. He had a knack for details. He wanted the cigarette to be an extension of my body. Such was the kind of efforts we put in for the film,” Ram said.

Adding further, Ram said he became a chain smoker while filming for Jagadam. “But I made it a point to give up smoking on the last day of Jagadam’s shoot and so did I. I haven’t smoked till now after Jagadam,” Ram said.

While a few actors build on the smoking habit after experiencing it for filming purposes, Ram has rightly given up smoking.

Ram is now awaiting the theatrical release of The Warriorr which be hitting the marquee on the 14th of this month.