ram nenu sailajaAfter a series of under performers and non starters, finally wisdom seems to have dawned upon actor Ram. It’s always the content irrespective of the masala that works not the other way around.

Ram has finally decided to let go the masala elements that he has so desperately clung onto till now. His upcoming release Nenu Shailaja will be devoid of those trapping affirms the actor to his fans and movie lovers via twitter. One expects this message to be delivered in more precise terms to the audience by the time film is ready to release.

Nenu Shailaja is said to be a romantic drama with beautiful music by Devi Sri Prasad. Kishore Tirumala who previously made the film Second Hand directs this venture. Let’s hope the film which was previously titled Harikatha, proves to be a major game changer for Ram and he does more content oriented films in future.