Ram-Pothineni-The-Warriorr-Collections-Ram Pothineni had pinned high hopes on the action drama The Warriorr. He was confident that the film would surpass his blockbuster iSmart Shankar, but the film has left him with only humiliation from all sides.

The film’s flop status will affect his standing in the box office market adversely, and that is not all. He had also bought the Nizam and Vizag distribution rights. And now, both areas will struggle to recover even half of the investment.

The Warriorr had been sold at huge prices, and it needed Rs. 44 core to achieve break even. But going by the disastrous collections, everyone involved is staring at huge losses.

The failure of The Warriorr will hurt Ram the most as his box office pull stands damaged, and on top of that, the financial losses caused by The Warriorr will also haunt him for a long time.