Hero Ram Movies list

Ram starer Masala is now heading towards only more disappointment to the actor. The results of the last 2 films are not different either. When his contemporaries are cruising, the actor never really made an impression on box office. He did not even have two consecutive hits in his entire career. What is more alarming is the actor’s approach to his career, Ram had entered the film industry 7 years ago and has only acted in 10 movies since then. It totals up to only not even 3 films in 2 years.

The actor is very much in need of a reality check. He managed to make a mark on audience with his dances majorly, but was not living up to it. The actor needs to increase the pace and trying working to be in the path of success. But in reality, the actor still did not finish picking up his next even after the completion of Masala. Let’s hope that this energetic young star will live up to the expectations with his future movies.

Below are the list of movies from Ram so far and their box office result.

Movi Name Result
1 Devadasu Super hit
2 Jagadam Flop
3 Ready Super Hit
4 Maska Flop
5 Ganesh Flop
6 Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Flop
7 Kandireega Hit
8 Endukante… Premanta! Flop
9 Ongole Githa Flop
10 Masala Average