Ram Gopal Verma says Variety over Quality

During a long talk with Ram Gopal Verma, the director shared his thoughts about his recent as well as upcoming movies.Verma believes himself to be the only director that has experimented with all the genres. In his own words “I think I’m the only director in Bollywood who has attempted every genre. Most people have the tendency to make films of only one kind.”

With his quirky, straight-faced humour and hilarious repartee, Verma easily handled all the questions related to his recent failures with his projects, especially Phoonk 2 whose box-office collections scared Verma more than the film which aimed to scare people. Ram Gopal Verma explained saying that “I don’t think any filmmaker makes a film thinking that it will change his fortune. If he makes it with that intention but still the movie fails to change his standing at the box-office, then what’s the point?”

Looks like no backlash or criticism can break this drector’s spirit!