Want Original: Rajamouli is big but mega is bigger These days RGV has become game for making instigating comments on star heroes and their films. After watching Megastar Chiranjeevi in ‘Bruce Lee’, RGV felt that it’s wrong decision on the part of megastar to appear in ‘Bruce Lee’ which is technically his 150th movie.

More than ‘Bruce Lee’s cameo, RGV is worried about Chiru’s next film and says he doesn’t want the megastar to do a copy film from Tamil. He rather wants an original as his comeback movie. He compares Chiru with Rajamouli and says that no matter how big Rajamouli is, Chiru is bigger and hence Telugus will be hurt if he does a copy movie.

If megastar chooses to do a Tamil copy film, he would be importing Tamil pride while Rajamouli is exporting Telugu pride with originals. RGV sincerely hopes that megastar doing a Tamil remake is a rumor. Earlier on Friday, Rajamouli was found posting tweets mocking Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee’ comparing to his flop show ‘RGV ki Aag’.