Ram Gopal Varma, Ram Gopal Varma Suicide, Ram Gopal Varma Suicide Plans, RGV Suicide, RGV Suicide Plans, Director RGV Suicide Ram Gopal Varma’s thoughts and actions are mostly eccentric and hence no wonder people in the industry call him eccentric genius. Talking about his last days, Ram asks, “How would I know those were my last days?”

“But if a situation comes when I had to depend on somebody for doing my routine work, then I will definitely end my life. I’ll commit suicide,” says RGV talking about his fear of getting old and becoming dependent on others. He reveals that he doesn’t like getting old and is always afraid of oldage.

When asked about his age, RGV humorously says, “Don’t ask the age of RGV and girls”. He hates oldage and says he hates getting old. He isn’t afraid of anything but oldage. This seems to be a bit not like RGV who looks very stubborn and daring in every aspect. Every man has highs and lows. Oldage might be RGV’s scarecrow.