Ram Gopal Varma Paid Supari to A Contract Killer?Ram Gopal Varma does the unthinkable. In his own inimitable style the filmmaker takes satirical potshots and spares none including prominent celebrities from various fields. Satya filmmaker lives life on his own terms and adheres to his own principles while leading a king size life.

Known for controversial statements, RGV has often iterated that the day he has to depend on someone else in his last stage of life, he would rather prefer to die.

The aforementioned statement RGV has reiterated many times, but RGV has made starting revelation in an interview that he has hired a person to kill him. Yes, you have read it right. The day he might be bed ridden or others have to take care of him, he has asked a person to kill him.

RGV however didn’t reveal how the death would be executed. He further adds that even in his last stage of life, he doesn’t want anyone to pay him a visit including his own daughter.

He said that after his divorce he told his daughter that he is much worse than what she would hear from other people. RGV said, “I am self centered and bastard. I have already given an idea to her about myself, with this she won’t have any expectations”.