Ram Gopal Varma RGV - Pawan Kalyan - Ravi TejaRGV has caught hold of a moment @Nela Ticket audio launch event when Pawan Kalyan attended the event as the chief guest. While we are happy with the bonhomie between PK and Ravi Teja, RGV is more than happy to discover a moment at the audio launch when Pawan Kalyan was seen scratching Ravi Teja’s thigh through his ripped jeans.

Can you guess RGV’s reaction to this? It’s on the expected lines poking fun of Pawan Kalyan and his connection with Ravi Teja. Indirectly, his tweets were suggestive that the relationship between the two, the star heroes is not straight and wondered why was Pawan Kalyan interested in Ravi Teja’s thigh.

RGV opined, if PK had the same interest in the Telugu States, they would have prospered. But, RGV’s main intention was to irritate PK’s fans and get free publicity. So, he has been playing his cards as an adept player who knows the weaknesses of the opponent’s party. Needless to say, RGV will grab every moment to poke at PK and instigate his fans.