Ram gopal Varma Urmila matondkarIn the initial days of his career in Bollywood, film maker Ram Gopal Varma’s films had Urmila Matondkar as heroine as if by default. She had been the Cinematic muse of the film maker’s creative eye. The celebration of her beauty by RGV can be seen in ‘Rangeela’ in Hindi, Gaayam and Antham in Telugu.

After so many years, RGV took to Twitter to thank his heroine for giving him the most memorable film of his career ‘Rangeela’. He compared his heroine to a beautiful painting which he encompassed into his frame to make a beautiful picture. RGV surprises with his poetic expression praising her.

It has been 20 years, after ‘Rangeela’ hit theaters and created a sensation of sorts and made guys to chant Urmila’s name for her beauty. RGV says, ‘The only person I want to celebrate Rangeela after all these years is with the person who made it ‘Rangeeli’. This indeed is a big surprise from RGV to express so poetically on his heroine who reigned Bollywood through his films.