Ram Gopal Ram (RGV) Takes Dig at Allu Aravind's OTT Aha Video? RGV is now propagating his own app called RGV World which he says to be the hub for the audiences to pick up whatever content they like but it’s strictly not for the family audiences.

In the first direct interview to a television channel after the lockdown relaxation, RGV was seen indirectly making fun of Allu Aravind’s OTT platform ‘Aha’. RGV World Vs Aha App.

He didn’t take the name directly but was mentioning sarcastically about the ‘Aha’ content trying to please all kinds of audiences instead of sticking to the content that would please the digital platform users.

The use of metaphorical words for the sake of pun is RGV’s style and he did the same explaining the importance of OTT platforms in the present scenario and predicting the future where platforms only thinking about ‘Aha’ content wouldn’t survive the competition.

It’s true that technology is replacing everything and the theatrical release of movies has fallen into jeopardy. OTT platforms are thriving, but not all of them. So, let’s wait and see how RGV sells his RGV World.