Ram fan says TV5 Naveen defensive attackThe fight between TV5 channel and hero Ram is taking ugly turn day by day. Ram’s fan Naveen who was fired from his duties has become the target for TV5 channel that their employee had deleted the video in the YouTube without their permission.

The channel published a report alleging that Ram himself encouraged his fan Naveen to delete the video, calling Ram a person who is encouraging fans to resort to such immoral activities. On the other hand, Naveen shared the TV5 report on his Twitter wall, saying that TV5 is hatching conspiracy on him too.

He says that he hadn’t deleted the video but only made it private and also has the proof for it. But the TV5 version says, Naveen accepted his guilt, himself offered apology and resigned from the job on moral grounds. Amidst all this, one thing is still a confusion. What happened between Ram and TV5 that the relation had soured to this extent?