Ram-Charan-Strong-Counter-to-Sri-ReddyThough Ram Charan didn’t take any name, he gave a strong counter to Sri Reddy advising her that film fraternity is like one family and everyone has to be united for the development of the industry. If there are any problems, it’s good to go legally taking the dignified route opined the mega hero.

But, there are a few who are trying to gain popularity by revealing some names. This is what Ram Charan said in a Facebook post sharing video bite of Pawan Kalyan. He further added that it is cheap to gain popularity in this manner. So, it’s implicit that Ram Charan has responded to Sri Reddy for dragging Pawan Kalyan’s name into the mire.

Prior to this, even Naga Babu opened up on this issue quoting Pawan Kalyan’s words in the video bite saying it’s the strong people (powerful) people who bear the brunt. “We the strong people are the ones who bear the brickbats.” One by one, the mega family members are coming out and standing by each other’s side.