Ram Charan Wishes Director VV Vinayak (1)Going by the bouquet that Ram Charan gifted director VV Vinayak to wish ‘HappyBirthday’ shows that the mega hero wants to convey how close Vinayak is to the mega family.

It’s not just sending a bouquet but personally visiting the director to convey the birthday wishes is really conspicuous, isn’t it? This special pic might mean there is a collaboration between one of the mega heroes and VV Vinayak.

Director Vinayak’s hero debut ‘Sreenayya’ is dumped as of now and he didn’t give clarity whether the producers want to resume the project. But, VV Vinayak might be back to take the reins as a director.

Look at the pic closely. You can clearly see Vinayak glancing at a script on the table. So, there seems to be something cooking. Let’s wait and see.