Ram-Charan-Team-Indian-CricketersA couple of days ago, there were news reports that Ram Charan hosted a few of team India cricketers at his house in Hyderabad after the India Vs Australia match that was played at Uppal Stadium in the city. It was heard that Hardik Pandya and Surya Kumar Yadav went to Charan’s house.

But for some reason, these pics of Charan with Indian cricketers didn’t surface on social media. As a result, there are two contradictory arguments on development.

A few argue that Charan should up his PR activity. They are disappointed with the fact that their hero hosted a party for a few Indian cricketers but none of these snaps had surfaced on social media. They are not too pleased about not getting a peek at a such big activity.

A few others say that Charan is humble by nature and doesn’t like too much activity and that is the reason why he didn’t let any of the snaps from the party get on social media.

What is the correct strategy for Charan? Should he be more proactive on social media or continue to be himself and avoid the glittering? Well, he’ll act in whichever he deems fit but fans will continue to have their own opinions.