ram charan Bruce lee lungi  danceMegastar Chiranjeevi is of course the master of ‘Lungi dances’ and now we are going to see his Ram Charan clad in Lungi for a Lungi song for the first time in his career. How comfortable could have Ram Charan felt wearing a Lungi and dancing with the outfit?

Ram Charan says he is quite comfortable with the outfit because he wears Lungi at home as he wears it at home to destress himself after wearing designer clothes everyday during the shootings. That explains the comfort level Ram Charan might have had while shooting for the Lungi song.

Then how does he think he looks in the song? Ram Charan says he looks like a ‘Tapori’, like he had never looked before. When he says he looks like a thinner version of music composer Bappi Lahiri, one can imagine Bappi Lahiri’s usual attire with glitzy clothes studded with lots of accessories; rings, chains, bracelets and what not.