RRR- Jr NTR- Ram CharanIntroduction Scenes of the lead actors will always be a big surprise and special in SS Rajamouli’s films. We will have two in RRR thanks to NTR and Ram Charan. Rajamouli already spilled beans on both of them in RRR promotions. NTR’s intro scene is with Tiger and we have seen it in the trailer.

Ram Charan‘s Introduction is in the middle of 2000 people. “In Magadheera, we have Charan fighting against 100 men and In RRR intro, we have Charan standing amid 2000 people who are shouting, yelling, jostling, and with dust rising. It is going to be absolute madness and fantastic,” Rajamouli revealed in an interview.

It appears like Ram Charan’s introduction will be a big surprise than NTR’s in RRR. That is because we have already got a hint about NTR’s introduction through the trailer and it may not be a big surprise. Ram Charan’s entry may have that wow factor bundled with surprise.

But then, Rajamouli is a master magician may have has his cards yet to be disclosed with NTR’s introduction sequence as well. We are just eleven days away from the release of RRR and excitement is everywhere. All eyes are on Rajamouli to score another Blockbuster nothing less than Baahubali.