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Ram Charan Going Too Extreme?

Ram Charan, Sukumar Going Too Extreme (2)It was one thing till the Ram Charan film with Sukumar went on sets. It is another thing from the time the images have started to leak from sets. Fans are getting anxious and one can’t help but think if Charan and Sukumar are going too extreme in the name of doing different?

We have time and again written how it is the right time for Charan to take risk, a film with Mani Ratnam or Krish come under this category but even then the risk has to be taken with certain caution. Because at the end of the day, we are talking about Telugu film industry. People are now appreciative of different films, more than ever, but they still need to be done within a certain boundary.

Looking at the images getting leaked from sets, the feeling sets in that a threshold might be crossed. It might be fine in the end but a failure here means Charan will have no choice but to take up the Racha sort of movies again. Now, that would undo all the hard work, wouldn’t it? The idea should be to take a middle road that eschews both extremes and not be scarred by either one permanently.