Ram Charan Sent Birds to Mahesh’s HomeBoth Ram Charan’s wife Upasana Kamineni and Mahesh Babu’s daughter Sitara’s birthday fall on the same day. It was very sweet of Ram Charan to send some birds to Sitara as her birthday present and also a message to the little girl.

Mahesh shared a video in which Sitara thanked Ram Charan for sending the birds and wished Upasana on her birthday. Even Upasana shared a video on Twitter in which Ram Charan was seen wishing Sitara on her birthday and also asking her to be ready with a song to sing when he meets her the next time.

Upasana wrote, “Happy happy birthday our sweetest Sitara. You are such a fabulous, loving and caring talented girl. Big hug!” The bonhomie between Ram Charan and Upasana with Mahesh Babu’s family and their special bonding is something that is making the fans go gaga and learn some lessons to be peaceful with each other.