ram-charan-slams-critics-for-not-understanding-dhruvaRam Charan is happy with the different attempt of his latest film Dhruva. After working so hard on his body and new look, Ram Charan flew to the US and promoted the film even more during the release day.

Now, Ram Charan is busy giving interviews and is promoting the film back home so that the second week collections will grow strong.

But in a recent interview, Charan got a bit agitated when the anchor asked him as to what he has to say about the critics who felt that Surender Reddy should have done some changes for the remake and not make it as it is.

For this, Ram Charan got a bit upset and slammed the critics saying that producers like a film and spend cores for the remake rights just because they like the original and whoever feels that some changes should be made is quite not right as it might spoil the whole essence of the film.

Charan also added that the many critics who ever asked this question might not have noticed the 8 concepts which were specially designed by Surender Reddy. Ram Charan, who got a success after a long way and it looks like he is not going to take anything against his film as of now. Did Charan forget Gabbar Singh remake which became a blockbuster with several changes?