Ram Charan rescued Nayak villain

In an upcoming film titled Nayak which has Ram Charan playing the lead, character actor Azaz Khan is playing the role of a villain. Azaz Khan is already known for his work in various Bollywood films and is now involved with the shooting of Nayak. Unfortunately Khan met with an accident on the set and sustained a major injury. Following this, he was rushed to the Apollo Hospital, which coincidentally belongs to Charan’s in-laws.

A source confirmed the news of the accident and said that, “Charan wanted Azaz to do the stunt himself and he was to fall on a car. As the actor fell on the car, the windscreen of the car shattered and the glass pieces pierced through Azaz’s legs. Ram Charan immediately asked his manager to rush him to the hospital.”

Azaz Khan himself said that, “It was a high risk stunt scene, but Ram Charan told me that it is very important in the film and I should do it myself. I was in pain and Ram immediately asked his manager to take me to the hospital. Thankfully I was treated well in time and I am better now.”