Ram-Charan-Ready-to-Run-into-the-MurkRam Charan was at the launch event of Happi Mobiles in Hyderabad and there he had faced the obvious question about campaigning for his paternal uncle Pawan Kalyan in the upcoming elections. Ram Charan seemed campaign ready for the sake of Pawan Kalyan.

When Praja Rajyam Party was launched, the senior mega family members participated in the campaign hoping big way that PRP will come out with flying colours and Chiranjeevi will be the Chief Minister. We know the rest is history. The younger lot including Ram Charan and Allu Arjun also did their bit for PRP, back then.

Now, Ram Charan says that he is ready to campaign for Jana Sena if Pawan Kalyan gives a call to join him. Of late, Pawan Kalyan gave the mega family a little hope. But, the bigger question is, ‘Is it the right time for the mega hero to get into murky politics in the name of campaigning?’ Everything is going great for Ram Charan in the recent past. What do you think?