Ram Charan Ragged by Salman Khan at a Sania Mirza Sister Sangeeth PartyThe narrow line between Bollywood and Tollywood was erased by the present day star actors from both the film industries. The growing friendship and the camaraderie of Bollywood superstar and Tollywood mega hero Ram Charan is one best sample for the above statement.

The Sangeet bash organized for Sania Mirza sister, Anam Mirza’s wedding events had been a blast. Salman was seen teasing his bestie Ram Charan forcing him to take off his shirt and the mega hero didn’t retract. Obliging Salman’s wish, Ram Charan did take off his shirt.

We know, Ram Charan bulked up for playing a cop role in his upcoming movie ‘Dhruva’. So, his abs were on display during the party night because of Salman Khan. The Bollywood superstar even canceled his early morning flight to continue partying hard with his Tollywood friends.