Dhruva, Dhruva Screening, Dhruva Special Screening, Ram Charan Dhruva Special Screening, Dhruva Special Screening Police Officers, Dhruva Special Screening Police Families, Dhruva Special Screening Police Officers FamilyRam Charan’s upcoming movie ‘Dhruva’, the remake of Tamil super hit film ‘Thani Oruvan’ might hit theatres only towards the end of this year, most probably in the month of December. Meanwhile, the mega-hero has his plans to promote his movie among the police officers.

It is learnt that the Ram Charan wants to screen the movie for the police families, especially of those police officers he had met during the making of the film. Not just the police officers in the Telugu States but even some officers across South India.

‘Dhruva’ is a cop movie and hence Ram Charan’s idea to screen the movie for police officers and their families looks goods. As the movie is still in the making, we can expect this special screening to happen only after its completion. The film is said to have moved out of Dasara race.