Few days ago we talked about a news that was published by Mumbai tabloids (Read Here) against Ram Charan which reads Priyanka Chopra pissed off with Charan. Confirming this news Zanjeer team says it happened when Charan showed up more than an hour late for a promotional event at Mithibhai College in Mumbai but it was only because of driver got into a verbal scuffle. Later Charan apologized to Priyanka and she was okay with it. If some one wants to show Charan as in-disciplined on the eve of his movie release then what can we do? said Zanjeer team member.

It is heard that Ramcharan’s wife Upasana also seems to have upset with the absence of Priyanka Chopra in the prestigious audio function of Thoofan, a Telugu version of Zanjeer. Normally, family members of heroes don’t bother about such things but the audio function has its importance as it was organized on the day when Apollo Group was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Upasana is grand daughter of Pratap C. Reddy, founder of Apollo Hospitals group. Ramcharan has also expressed his displeasure with nonappearance of Priyanka Chopra who skipped the event for the shooting of Bhansali’s Ram Leela movie.

Zanjeer Director Apoorva has defended Priyanka’s missing in the function. He says that the heroine has promptly attended for Zanjeer’s promotional activity in Mumbai and sent a video message for ‘Thoofan’ function. But her words did not convince fans of mega family. Charan who enters Bollywood with his debut Zanjeer has to be ready to face such things to get a strong foothold in Bollywood.