Ram Charan Personally Meets Her to Claim itThis was indeed a sweet and unique gesture of a female fan for Ram Charan for his upcoming birthday that falls on 27th March. On 13th March she shared a message and her photograph showing a special gift she prepared for the mega hero.

Srimathi Sudharshan Boddu made a dream house for Ram Charan with broomstick bristles. To be frank, it’s so beautiful that it’s hard to even think that it’s a dream home made with broomstick bristles. She also mentioned that she wanted to gift that dream house to Ram Charan in person.

It’s really an appreciating gesture from Ram Charan that he met his female fan in person to accept her gift and her love. We’ve seen many young fans showing such adorable gestures towards their favourite stars.

But here, Srimathi Sudharshan is a middle-aged woman who put in great effort and love and that’s what makes the difference when Ram Charan met her today. Definitely, he made her day and she his. What say?