Ram Charan Or NTR Best Performer RRR MovieRRR is a film that fans of NTR and Ram Charan are eagerly waiting for. Though the heroes share a very close bond in real life, the fans of both heroes trolling each other indulging in fan wars on social media.

Even though Rajamouli is shouting from the rooftops that both the actors cannot be divided performance-wise, Rajamouli’s father and writer, Vijayendra Prasad says that he will give two extra marks to Ram Charan’s role.

Adding further, the noted writer says that NTR’s character is a very lovable character and everyone will fall in love with his innocence right away. But Ram Charan’s performance and role is quite complex and have several layers to it and that is why he has chosen Charan, says Vijayendra Prasad.

If the audience too feel the same this will be a big win for Charan as he initially faced lot of criticism for his performance.

The die hard fans of NTR and Charan can’t wait to watch RRR and judge who did better or prove that their fav hero is better than the other. Anyways, the result will be known in just a few hours from now.