There is already a vertical split between Megafans over Pawan Kalyan’s political entry. Dedicated devotees of Chiranjeevi never appreciated Pawan’s entry as it could put his mega brother in a big fix. However, Pawan fans are delighted to see him enter politics and they claim Pawan will restore the image defamed by Chiranjeevi’s failure in politics.

As very little information is out regarding Pawan’s political outfit, meanwhile the very first reaction from mega camp is out from Ram Charan. Charan briefly spoke to media a short-while ago and said when his uncle Pawan wants to do some thing it’s his own journey and we have no right to stop him but his support will be always be with his dad, said Charan.

Pawan is expected to talk about his brother Chiranjeevi and the reasons for PRP’s merger with Congress during his party launch so we will have to see how megafans will strive through this strange situation.