Ram charan's stable

In an act of benevolence, Southern star Ram Charan recently offered his stable for the shooting of his debut film Zanzeer. Reports confirm that Ram Charan, who is recognized for performing his own horse riding stunts in his South Indian flicks, opened the doors of his privately owned stable to be captured on screen.

Apoorva acknowledged the news saying that, “Yes, not only has he agreed to let us shoot in his stable, but has also allowed us to use the horses. We will also build a separate stable, which will be used for a particular stunt. Ram Charan and his wife Upasana both suggested this, so that we wouldn’t have to shoot the stunt portion elsewhere. We plan to shoot it on November 17.”

Cherry, who is very fond of horses, said that, “Horses have always fascinated me and horse riding is an experience like no other.”