Ram-Charan,-One-Take-Artist,-Can't-Give-in-3rd-&-4thHere is an interesting revelation made by cinematographer Ratnavelu who worked for Sukumar’s ‘Rangasthalam‘ and has closely observed Ram Charan and his performance. The ace cinematographer has many good things to say about the mega hero.

While we didn’t come out of that awesome feeling after watching Ram Charan’s performance in the trailer, Ratnavelu revealed in an interview that Ram Charan is a one-take artist who gives his best in the first and the second take. But, here is a surprise.

When he goes for the 3rd or the 4th takes or more, he can’t repeat the same magic. Filmmakers! Take a note of this and try to involve Ram Charan in the story and make him get into the skin of the character and he will deliver his best in one-take like he did for ‘Rangasthalam’. Anyway, we wish Ram Charan’s performance to be the main attraction of the film.