Ram-CharanRam Charan is basking in the success of Rangasthalam just like he did for Magadheera back then. Of course, he deserves it for his outstanding performance in the periodic drama. Look what he speaks of working in Bollywood again.

Back then, when Ram Charan made a debut in Hindi with Zanjeer remake, Bollywood critics called him a wooden-faced hero and trashed him out of being able to deliver as a star in the industry. And since then, Charan never showed any interest in Bollywood.

But now, post Ragasthalam, he proved that he can compete with any top star of this generation in Telugu when it comes to the performance and delivered his best. And asked about his move in Bollywood, he says he is not shying away from the industry or shooing it away, but at the moment is very busy with Telugu commitments. Language is not and shouldn’t be a barrier for any cinema as Ram Charan says and we cannot agree more.