Ram Charan tantrums in Kolkata_Tollywood Mega Power Star Ram Charan might trying to be seem much like the chocolate boy in movies but in reality he seems to be very different. According to the popular news tabloid Times Of India the actor was in Kolkata recently for some personal reasons and showed his negative side when he shouted and misbehaved with PR executives for absolutely no reason. Charan’s PR executives had invited someone from the media to interview and conduct a photo shoot for the actor but the shoot was cancelled in the last moment. Ram Charan shouted at a CT lens-man as well as an aged member of the PR team of a city hospital when asked Charan to pose for the camera.

While this may not be the first time Ram Charan in news for something like this, the earlier one being when the two software engineers, who were apparently roughed up by his bodyguards, but Charan later conducted a press meet and said they were at fault and the duo had apologized to him which surprised even his fans since there was strong evidence of the incident photos were published everywhere, this latest one will cause more damage to his image for sure if the news published by the news media is legit.