Ram Charan Helping Sister In Crucial Time?Ram Charan was spotted at the Mumbai airport. Along with the actor, he was accompanied by his younger sister Sreeja and his pet Rhyme. The actor who usually jets off alone for work was spotted with his sister Sreeja which is a rare sight.

Sreeja is going through a personal crisis as her marriage with Kalyaan Dhev has come to an end. While the Mega family is maintaining a stoic silence, the split is evident as Sreeja has dropped her husband’s name on Instagram.

This is the second divorce for Sreeja. She was previously married to Sirish Bharadwaj and has a daughter with him. Sreeja also has another daughter from her second marriage. In a tough situation like this, Ram Charan has leaned forward in taking special care of his sister.

To avert stress and keep her engaged, Ram Charan has taken his sister along with him so that the change in locale and new place will not drown her in pain. The picture of the duo is viral on social media. While Charan is gleeful for the paparazzi, Sreeja carries a painful look.