Ram Charan Going The Naga Chaitanya WayIf one analyses the careers of Ram and Naga Chaitanya one can’t help but feel if they are treading a similar path. And going by the recent interviews of Ram and his take on hits and flops, the views too seem to be on same lines.

Though the careers of both the actors started on contrasting notes, there has one significant similarity. After tasting immense success, they followed it up with colossal failures. The lack of consistency always put them a step behind when it mattered. The progression to more prominent landmarks was therefore slow.

Ram is getting ready for a release on the coming Friday, and yet he has no film on sets immediately. The drive to get going and succeed is missing without any doubt. It is unfortunate because unlike some others Ram can dabble both class and mass and also appeal across the areas be it the two Telugu states or the US.

With Vunnadi Okate Zindagi coming up in Nenu Shailaja director Kishore Tirumala’s combination, let’s see if there is a definite change of fortune. VOZ stars Lavanya Tripathy and Anupama Parameshwaran in the female leads opposite Ram. It hits screen worldwide on October 27.