Ram Charan Giving Back to Distributors - Fans-‘Rangasthalam’ turned out to be a surprise blockbuster when everyone thought that Ram Charan has taken a bold step by doing an out-of-the-box role in a rustic and raw avatar. Now, it’s proved that it’s not just a blockbuster, but a Non-Baahubali movie on the top.

As a noble gesture towards his distributors and fans who supported him big time, Ram Charan is throwing an open party to all of them and the mega hero is planning it to happen on either 13 or 14th of April to celebrate ‘Rangasthalam’ success. He wants to share his happiness and success with his fans and distributors.

Ram Charan also assured that his next movie with Boyapati Srinu is a subject very close to the grassroots like ‘Rangasthalam’. We have to wait and see about that. As of now, it’s a really good gesture that Chiru and Ram Charan wanna show their gratitude to the people who are responsible for their success. Good going Ram Charan!