Ram Charan Gets Clarity Post-GodFather?Ram Charan recently attended the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. Speaking about remakes, he said that recently his father did a remake titled GodFather. He tried to defend the film and said that it did fairly well and collected around 145-150 crores in Telugu and Hindi, considering the fact its original Malayalam version Lucifer was already watched extensively across OTT platforms.

He said that he will ask the producer of the original not to release the original version on OTT. He added that unless it’s an extraordinary script, he will prefer doing original films from now on. Mega fans on social media are praising Charan’s clarity on OTT trends and remakes.

But, in reality one can recall that Godfather producer NV Prasad himself said that it was Ram Charan who pushed his father to remake this film. It was Charan who advised his father to remake Godfather as he felt the story is apt for his age and image, Chiranjeevi mentioned more than once.

Folks in the trade feel that if Ram Charan had realized the fate of remakes in the OTT era, a flop like GodFather could have been avoided. But, they are glad that he finally learnt the lesson but in a hard way. By the way, Bhola Shankar says Hi.