Bollywood stalwart Amitabh Bachchan strongly feels that classics should not be touched again since it hurts the original makers who put all energies to make them as master pieces. Amitabh expressed this opinion after watching Ram Charan’s Zanjeer recently. He watched the latest movie with his better half Jaya Bachchan after its director Apoorva Lakhia requested them to express their comments about his experiment. Beginning with a positive note, he praised the youngster Ram Charan Teja’s for doing his role in remake.

“I knew Chiranjeevi family very well. His son Ramcharan Teja is a most accomplished star. He has done a tremendous job.” Adding on the neo-Zanjeer the Big B says, “At times your involvement in a particular film propels you to think that they should remain untouched. And at times when you see the finished remake you appreciate its ingenuity. But the desire to remake does not rest with me. It is the decision of those that may or may not hold its remake rights.” If one reads his comments carefully, he was not happy with remake. But the consolation is Ram Charan gets blessings from Big B.